Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I remember being in the pool and being okay when my mom said, "five more minutes", but flipping out when she said, "time to get out".


I remember Fruit Roll Up temporary tattoos.


I remember thinking the word "aloud" was completely unnecessary when you can just say the words "out loud". I was 8.


I remember getting 25 cents for a tooth. My cousin got $5 this year. I was gipped.


I remember having one of my front teeth loose and by the end of school realizing I must have swallowed it during lunch. I wrote a detailed letter to the Tooth Fairy and included a bird's-eye-view map of where the tooth used to be so she understood I wasn't a fraud.


I remember waging war on my sister with my stuffed animals.


I remember Boy Meets World.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I remember when flat-ironing your hair was cool.


I remember giant homework planners from grade school.


I remember wearing a particularly fancy dress to Holy Thursday mass and anyone who's Catholic knows that that is the mass when the congregation washes each other's feet as a ritual of purification and humility. Well, I didn't quite think through my wardrobe because I didn't want to have my feet washed, but you could see my bright dress from a mile away. So, I slouched in my chair the whole mass praying that no one saw me. It worked.


I remember imaginary adventure games with my sister. We turned our bikes into dragons, of course.


I remember the day I truly realized how much my parents sacrifice for their kids: they let me go to my first choice college.


I remember tiny plastic kid chairs and when my cousin Ryan broke one because he dressed up as Santa for one of our many murder-mystery skits. Huh...never thought Santa and murder-mystery would be so close together in any given sentence...


I remember learning to read from the Magic Tree House books.


I remember being too afraid to watch any Lord of the Rings scenes with orcs in them and by the second movie my sister told me to get over it. Now they are my favorite movies.


I remember T.Y. Beanie Babies and how we were all convinced that they were going to worth millions someday. I haven't seen anything drastic in the stock market lately, but who knows...


I remember the day my dad told me my dog was sick and I remember the last days of her adorable hilarious life. Those times were almost exactly a year apart. I love that dog (Ruby).


I remember another New Year's when my sister accidentally put the champagne in the basement freezer so we ended up having champagne slushies at midnight.


I remember my first taste of Egg Nog. I hated it. But it made up for it because it was New Year's Eve and I was sitting with my family watching Back to the Future (Michael J. Fox seemed a lot taller then).


I remember Halloween and how my mom made me wear my winter coat over my costume so it didn't even look like I had a costume at all.


I remember roller skating birthdays.


I remember how cool backpacks with wheels used to be.


I remember Archie Double Digest while sitting in a wooden boat in the middle of a lake waiting for a fish to bite.


I remember Hawaii breezes.


I remember my pink Barbie slicker that I got as a hand-me-down from my cousin. I looked good.


I remember Silly Putty.


I remember the first time I saw poverty. Tijuana, Mexico

Picture: the border between Tijuana and San Diego. These crosses represent those who have died or gone missing from trying to cross the border.


I remember my fluffy yellow Easter dress when I was a kid.


I remember my mom's blue Ford Explorer and after it broke down on a road trip we called it the Exploder.


I remember my sister's princess birthday party and being upset because the cuffs of my dress itched.


I remember the sleepy feeling as we drove home from my grandparents' house on Christmas Eve.


I remember the smell of my old couch.


I remember playground wood chips.


I remember the smell of my Nana's perfume.


I remember dusty overheads from middle school...and Mr. G's "detailed" maps.


I remember being jealous that my sister had an imaginary friend named Betsy, so I made an imaginary friend named Betsy. She was a frog.


I remember substituting the real names of movies for names I deemed more appropriate.

Ex: The Rescuers Down Under --> The Boy Movie. See? Mine is much better. ;)


I remember the moss growing on the front steps and feeling sorry for it when my dad scraped it away.


I remember playing "war" against the boys at recess.


I remember only making it to the end of my block when I decided to run away to the circus. Main reason for turning back: I forgot my teddy bear.


I remember when Arthur taught me how to correctly spell aardvark.


I remember it was only necessary to brush my front teeth.


I remember Narnia.


I remember making forts with my big sister; connecting out rooms with a tunnel of flowery sheets.


I remember the smell of freshly cut grass in the summer and the sound of Dave Niehaus' voice on the radio.


I remember the blueness of evening before the moon woke up.


I remember catching my first fish at Meadow Lake.

What my blog is all about...

I want to spark creativity and I have found that instead of searching for new ideas, reverting to old memories, that for unknown reasons stick with us, usually create the lasting flame. So, this blog is my own memories. Some are personal, some are funny, and some are just plain random. I will try to post at least one memory a day.

Feel free to email me your own memory and I will post it. There is only one rule: it must start with the words "I remember".

Never forget!
-Lucy Goose